Hey, I’m Ben: Environmental journalist, children’s book author, and sea slug aficionado. At present I’m a correspondent at High Country News, where I write about wildlife, conservation, land use — that sort of thing. My favorite stories involve interesting approaches to carnivore conservation and fisheries managementscience. (“Bears and salmon“ is how I’d summarize my interests.) But I’ll write about darn near anything.In the future, Ben will spend all his days on oyster boats. Photo by Geoff Giller.

In addition to High Country News, my writing has appeared in The Guardian, Scientific American, OnEarth, Pacific StandardEarth Island Journal, Conservation, Modern Farmer, The Independent, Green Futures, Yale Environment 360, The Huffington Post, and elsewhere (check out Articles for a complete list). I’m also the former Editor-in-Chief of Sage Magazine, award-winning environmental publication at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.