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Living with Wildlife

Animal Crossing
The Believer. October 1, 2020
The West's Broken Wildfires Are Killing Its Wildlife
The Atlantic. September 30, 2020
How Beavers Became North America's Best Firefighter
National Geographic. September 22, 2020
When Wildlife Safety Turns Into Fierce Political Debate
High Country News. January 1, 2020
How Roadkill Became an Environmental Disaster
The Atlantic. November 26, 2019
Why Hunting a Single Grizzly Bear Is Such a Big Deal
Outside Magazine. September 17, 2018
Why Two Countries Want to Kill 100,000 Beavers
Washington Post. August 9, 2018
Can the Beaver State Learn to Love Its Beavers?
High Country News. February 20, 2018
The 50-Year Legacy of Glacier's Night of the Grizzlies
Outside Magazine. August 11, 2017
The Birds and the Bombs
bioGraphic. June 28, 2016
Birth Control for Bambi
Undark Magazine. April 15, 2016
Wildlife Services and its Eternal War on Predators
High Country News. January 25, 2016
Safe Passage
Orion Magazine. December 8, 2015
The Beaver Whisperer
High Country News. November 9, 2015
For sea lions, a feast of salmon on the Columbia
High Country News. July 6, 2015
How Did the Meadow Vole Cross the Road?
Medium. October 8, 2014
The Roads Scholar
High Country News. August 13, 2014
A Bear Named Irene
High Country News. May 8, 2014
Home on the Range
Earth Island Journal. March 3, 2014
In Grizzly Country, What Do You Do With A Dead Cow?
Modern Farmer. February 16, 2014

Fish Stories

Free-Flowing, For Now
bioGraphic. March 27, 2019
The Gnawing Mystery of Saltwater Beavers
Hakai Magazine. January 29, 2019
A Fish Called Rockweed
Hakai Magazine. May 29, 2018
The Deliciously Fishy Case of the Codfather
Mother Jones. March 15, 2017
In Search of Suckers
bioGraphic. January 3, 2017
Cod is Dead — Is Dogfish the Answer?
Boston Magazine. August, 2016
Cracking Open the Tuna Code
Hakai Magazine. February 9, 2016
Bristol Bay In-Depth
World Wildlife Magazine. November 1, 2015
Defenders of the Forgotten Fish
Hakai Magazine. July 13, 2015
The Great Salmon Compromise
High Country News. December 9, 2014
The Accidental Lobster Farmers
Modern Farmer. December 22, 2014
Can biomimicry tackle our toughest water problems?
High Country News. November 24, 2014.
The Battle to Save Yellowstone From Invasive Fish
Scientific American. August 19, 2014
What's Killing the Yukon's Salmon?
High Country News. July 7, 2014
The Catch-22 of New England's Catch Share Scheme
Earth Island Journal. April 1, 2013

Climate, Land, People

Rent a Fire Lookout Tower for $40 a Night
CNN Travel. September 4, 2020
Brittany and the Beavers
Last Word on Nothing. June 8, 2020
Reforestation and Remeandering in Leopold's Bootsteps
High Country News. November 11, 2018
The Tree Ring
High Country News. March 20, 2017
The Grand Plan to Save the Yellowstone River
High Country News. June 27, 2016
Walking With Oliver
The Last Word on Nothing. September 2, 2015
Young Leaders Changing the West
High Country News. January 13, 2014
How to Crowdfund Solar Power
NationSwell. January 28, 2014